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Are You In China?

Do You Miss Playing Rugby?

Come Join Our Club! We'll get you a job that lets you play rugby again! All our jobs are well paid with no evening or weekend work. On top of that, all the roles are centrally located so its super convenient to train, play rugby, and live an active lifestyle. We play 20+ fixtures a year!

With us, you'll get a job that allows you to be social again. Play sport on the weekends or simply spend more time with your friends - start living your best life!

Teachers in China often feel trapped in their contracts. We guarantee you - No matter where you work, who for, or what your contract states, if you get one of our jobs, we will make sure you can accept it.   

Also, did you know that many of the contractual penalties for leaving a job early are actually illegal? We'll help you navigate situations like this. You deserve better.

If you want to play rugby again - we can make it happen. Guaranteed!

Come Play With Us!
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