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You have received an email from us with the following information:


  • Date & Time of Call - The date/time you booked was in your local time zone (automatically detected by our online calendar) - Add this meeting date/time in your own personal phone calendar so you do not miss it

  • The Link to Access our Meeting - You will have to click on this link to access our meeting at the date/time you have booked.  The meeting will be held through an app called ZOOM which can be easily downloaded on a smart phone or accessed directly through a web browser.

  • A Link to Reschedule Meeting - If your schedule changes and you can no longer make the booked time then please reschedule rather than missing our meeting 🙏

  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - In this email we elaborate on our club, training, the competition as well as work requirements, benefits and salary packages.

Looking forward to chatting - Mark & Pat, Beijing Ducks Management 


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